Protect your glider

Gliding is a huge passion. Most of the time we fly on sunny days and on those days we are seeking shadow. We can reach it under cumulus base, but before that happens we spend a lot of time preparing the glider and ourselves before take off. This very small, and easy to use, shiny cover will help you protect your glider, instruments and yourself from direct sunrays and heat.

Five reasons to have it:

  1. easy to put on and off: cover is easily stretched around the canopy with no or only one string to attach
  2. sun protection: highly effective in keeping the cockpit cool and protecting the instruments
  3. lightweight: weight varies from 300g to 500g depending on the glider model
  4. perfect for grid time: often canopy opening and closing, heat and direct sun-rays are standard for grid time - a tight cover without straps is the solution
  5. looking good: shiny canopy gives a stylish look to all gliders (various colors are available).


Every cover is handmade with great attention to quality. The covers come with a small bag made of the same fabrics with a handy handle. In the case a custom made cover does not fit or meet your expectations, you can send it back to get a flawless one.